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Wedding Planner in Orange County


wedding planner in Orange County

Wedding Planner Orange County
Joanna Tutwiler
Phone: 714-225-8667
Email: jo@queentutevents.com

Looking for a wedding planner in Orange County?

wedding planner in Orange CountyDon’t fret over the time and details of finding a wedding planner in orange county. Check out our top notch Wedding Planning Services to achieve a successful and joyous wedding day. 

Phone: 714-225-8667

wedding planner in Orange County



Wedding Planner in Orange County

You are getting married and are very excited and full of enthusiasm about planning the event. The entire exercise can be very exhausting and time consuming and in most cases, you want to do everything and get it all right, but just don’t know how you are going to be able to manage everything. You have family that is willing to help and maybe some friends who are eager to do the same, but wedding planning is not a novice’s job. You will need the services of an expert wedding planner in Orange County to handle it well for you.

A Matter of Choice 

There are just too many things you have to make choices about when you are planning your wedding. When you are zeroing-in on a wedding planner in Orange County, one of the first things you need to take into consideration is the kind of services you want. Full-service wedding planners can handle every little detail of a wedding and reception such as:

  • Hiring a venue
  • Ordering the wedding cake
  • Contracting with Florists
  • Organizing the caterers
  • Decorating, contracting
  • Transportation

Type of Service 

If you need help only with some services, you will have to find a wedding planner in Orange County who provides partial services.  These are specially designed to help couples identify the right venue & contract with the different vendors required for the wedding.  To a certain degree this will help you save some money, but you will still end up handling most of the heavy work. It’s best to hire the services of a full-service wedding planner.  This can save you time and money, & will reduce the amount of stress you are put through.

Interview the Wedding Planner

Before you finalize the wedding planner in Orange County,   set up a few interviews. You will want to understand how different people operate, what their approach is, how much they charge and the services they provide. One of the first things you need to be asking the planner is whether he/she has received formal training in this field. There are just too many people who simply wake up one find morning and decide that they want to be wedding planners.

Communication is Important 

Being able to successfully coordinate a party does not mean that he/she is going to be able to manage a full-scale wedding. The best way to ensure that you are making the right choice, is to ask  for references and check back with the wedding planner in Orange County’s previous clients and whether they were happy with his/her services.

A reliable wedding planner will willingly provide a work-history that gives you full confidence in her skills. Once you have done all the groundwork, you will be less stressed and will be able to focus on other important aspects of your wedding. You will of course have to communicate with the wedding planner on a regular basis but all the hard work will be handled by that person.

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