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Wedding Venue in Newport Beach- Things to Focus on


Wedding Venue in Newport Beach

Wedding Venue in Newport Beach
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Looking for a Wedding Venue in Newport Beach?

Wedding Venue in Newport BeachDon’t fret over the time and details of planning wedding in orange county. Check out our top notch Wedding Venue Services to achieve a successful and joyous wedding day. 

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Wedding Venue in Newport Beach



Wedding Venue in Newport Beach- Things to Focus on

If you have decided to have a beach wedding, it’s a great choice. Newport has a number of stunning beaches and the event is bound to be a memorable one. However, when you choose a Wedding Venue in Newport Beach, there are some things you should focus on:

  • Maintain Simplicity- An ocean backdrop is gorgeous in itself and will not need too much of dressing up. Instead, just ensure that the decorations you choose are very simple and that it complements the beach setting. Sure, a beach wedding can be all about starfish & shells, but you can also draw some inspiration from the very harmonious natural color palette of the sand, stone, dune grasses & water at the Wedding Venue in Newport Beach. Maintain simplicity in the décor and do not go over-the-top with fussy flowers
  • Add Some Color– If  you want the decoration at your Wedding Venue in Newport Beach to be a little more colorful,  simply add some color to it- opt for colors that contrast the surf  & sand, instead  of choosing ones that blend in
  • Go Local- As far as possible, its best to use local vendors or else you may just find it very difficult to manage the logistics. Even with food,  look for the best local caterers and who have a respect for  the  beach environment & are conscientious of the local markets
  • Get a Permit– Find out what kind of paperwork is required to hold the wedding at a Wedding Venue in Newport Beach, especially if it’s a public one. Check in advance about the local noise ordinances and ensure that they are followed.
  • Ensure Privacy- Beaches tend to be extremely crowded on any holiday weekend. It’s better to have the wedding at a quieter time or else you will find the general public also in attendance. If you are having the wedding on a private beach, you won’t have to worry about this aspect
  • Prepare Your Guests– Ensure that your guests are aware that the event is going to be conducted on the sand. Your wedding invitation should make mention of this fact. Have welcome bags with necessary items ready to protect your guests from the sun. Hand fans, towels, bottled water and good-quality sunscreen is what you should  be putting in those bags
  • Ready for the Sun– Provide sufficient amount of shade and ensure there is a shoe station that has flip flops. Serve plenty of cooling beverages like lemonade, ice water or even a signature cocktail.

The Right Timing 

In addition to all these things- get the timing right- lighting is very important aspect when you have your Wedding Venue in Newport Beach. Its best to plan on ending the ceremony just before the sun sets – it helps you get good actions shots- all in natural writing and the sunset photos are great too. Remember it’s going to be windy, so prepare for it. Keep the ceremony short and sweet and ensure that all the participants speak loudly and clearly.  Very importantly, have a solid Plan B in place.

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