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The Right Planning for a Newport Beach Wedding Venue


Newport Beach Wedding Venue

Newport Beach Wedding Venue
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Looking for a Newport Beach Wedding Venue?

Newport Beach Wedding VenueDon’t fret over the time and details of finding a Newport Beach Wedding Venue. Check out our top notch Wedding Venu Services to achieve a successful and joyous wedding day. 

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Newport Beach Wedding Venue



The Right Planning for a Newport Beach Wedding Venue

When you are planning on a wedding, the Newport Beach Wedding Venue becomes a very important aspect to take into consideration. Here are the different things you should be focusing on:


Newport has an impressive coastline and there are a number of locations you can choose from.  If a majority your guests are going to be traveling to the Newport Beach Wedding Venue, its best to ensure you pick one that is closer to an airport. A number of beachfront hotels have excellent wedding packages (including accommodations), the ceremony & reception space. There will be a large variation in costs, based on the hotel you choose and so it becomes important to identify the locations that fall in your budget

Planning Tips

  • It’s best to send “save the date” cars at least 8 months in advance. A couple of months later, follow this up with a  detailed  travel information package- this will include hotel details, airport & car rental information
  • A good way of getting everything in place is to hire the services of a good wedding planner. The person will be able to  help you pick the right Newport Beach Wedding Venue and will ensure that all the contractors are aligned  for that date
  • Aspects such as decorations, lighting, music, the food and transportation are important; and you want to be sure that you have all your bases covered. The fact is that wedding planning  can be exhausting and time consuming and since you still have to keep your work and other schedules on track, its best to hire a planner  to manage all the details of the wedding  for you
  • When you choose a wedding venue, it’s important to understand that this is very different from other places in many ways. You will have to factor in aspects such as the sand, sunlight and other weather conditions- it can be very windy at the beach on some days. This means, the decorations and the table and chair covers will have to be fastened well.
  • If the ceremony entails a walk down the beautiful beach, it’s also important to have a shoe station and a good stock of flip flops. It can be very uncomfortable  for guests to walk on the sand in their high-heeled shoes
  • Set up shaded areas and ensure that there are plenty of cooling beverages  ready
  • Touches like sea glass, seashells & lanterns make very charming additions to a Newport Beach Wedding Venue
  • Use local vendors and contractors – this will save you a lot of time  on sourcing a products  from other places

If you are planning in having the wedding on the beach, check about the necessary paperwork and get the permits in place. As you can see, a lot of planning goes into making a wedding event a success and a Wedding planner can ease the process for you. Choosing the right Newport Beach Wedding Venue and planning well will ensure the event is a memorable one.

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