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Taste Of Jays – Giracci Vineyards

09 Jul 2015, Posted by Joanna Tutwiler in Decor

It was quite an honor that a company such as Jay’s Catering not only recognized my work but also invited me to showcase some design ideas alongside their elaborate food displays.  This “Taste of Jay’s” was set up at Giracci Vineyards to help the attendees envision the decorating possibilities and…

Cheers to 2015!!!

31 Dec 2014, Posted by Joanna Tutwiler in Custom Invitations

December 31st is a time to reflect on the previous year and look towards celebrating the new one!  This year I am thankful for family, friends and of course, my growing business!!! For the first wedding of 2015 I created this one-of-a-kind invitation to reflect the…

A Golden Christmas Eve

27 Dec 2014, Posted by Joanna Tutwiler in Decor

 I love the holidays!  People are generally in a celebratory mood and there are all sorts of fun ways to put your own style into decorating for these festive occasions!  Our family works as a team to pull it all together.     Mom: Flowers   ~ …

Adding a Unique Touch…

15 Oct 2013, Posted by Joanna Tutwiler in Decor

After attending a wedding, what exactly do the guests remember?  Is it the type of wine served, the color of the napkins or processional song selection?  I think not.  I believe that people remember the uniqueness of an event.  This is where your creativity can…